About This Blog

Thanks for taking an interest in my blog. I sincerely hope that Turcophiles, armchair travellers, casual foodies and committed Epicureans alike will find something here to please their palate.

First things first, there is already a bumper crop of brilliant, insightful and entertaining Turkish food/travel blogs waiting to be explored and I’ve linked a selection of my personal favourites on this site. Many of these blogs provide mouth-watering Turkish recipes, brilliant restaurant reviews, gorgeous glossy photos and super-slick copy. In comparison to these blogs, Meze and More can only ever hope to be a slightly scruffy kid sister.

Meze and More is all about the sometimes weird but most definitely wonderful array of tastes that Turkey has to offer, mixed in with some bite-sized insights into the Turkish language and culture. It is a blog that hopefully offers something of a sideways take on Turkish cuisine. And I definitely aim to go beyond baklava (or kebap, for that matter).

Afiyet olsun!


P.S. Unless stated otherwise, all photos on this blog have been taken by myself. This should be fairly obvious from the blurry exposure, missing subjects and generally poor composition of my snaps but I’m learning and I hope I will get better over time…


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