About Me

After the briefest of forays into the grown-up world of publishing back in the UK, I very quickly came to two important realisations:

  1. I look terrible in a suit
  2. I had a yearning to see Latin America

So it was that I quit my only ever “proper job” in order to scratch my travel itch. Having barely left the UK, I found myself in Turkey and eventually, the bewildering, frustrating and addictive city of Istanbul. And dear reader, barring a brief stint working in Southern Italy, I never left.

These days when I’m not doing battle with the maddening Istanbul traffic or stuffing my face with pide, menemen or gözleme, I can usually be found teaching at a university on the Anatolian side of the city, hanging out in Kadıköy or planning my next trip.

And although my dream to travel around Latin America remains as-of-yet unfulfilled, the diversity and beauty of Turkey seem to please both wandering feet and curious taste-buds.

And I still look terrible in a suit.

What will tomorrow bring? Who knows. But I’m fairly sure it will involve travel, education and eating.

Happy reading!


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